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Firefly larvae coming on shore for the first time this year!!


Cherry blossom is in full bloom and it has been getting warm these days.
On April 7th, the entrance ceremonies at the local elementary schools and junior high school in Ono-town took place, but the weather was not so great all day long.
It stopped raining at night, so we went to see the brook where we conducted activities with Ono-Kita elementary school to protect environment for fireflies. We could observe firefly larvae coming on shore with faint lights for the first time this year. They looked like celebrating the new beginning of school children.


The observation of firefly larvae coming on the shore was ten days earlier than last year, which means the early arrival of spring this year. We could observe more than 20 lights of firefly larvae while walking only several meters along the upper brook. Some of them were even walking past each other. Maybe after the next rain, we hope to observe more firefly larvae. We are looking forward to seeing many flying fireflies at the end of May again this year.

DSC09090.jpgCan firefly larvae see each other? DSC09069.jpgClimbing hard on the wall of the brook!
DSC09093.jpgIt is moving around to look for the place where it can make cocoon. DSC09105.jpgPlease excuse me to take a picture with light!
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