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Advertising in British Magazine "Octane"


Immun' Âge advertisement appeared in February 2017 issue of British vintage car magazine "Octane". Following the collaboration with British Airways Inflight Magazine, we made a collaboration with British Magazine again.

Front cover

Page of Immun' Âge advertisement(P58)

This advertisement is using a photo of fully-restored 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Implicit in the message of "Cherishing traditions of the past, Learning lessons for the future" is that it is important for us to embrace the lessons learned in the old thing and apply the knowledge for the new thing.

Immun' Âge has been an official partner of Aston Martin Racing since 2005, and has been loved by Aston's drivers as well as mechanics.

Please have a look at it if you find a British "Octane".

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