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Osato International, Inc. has been assessed to comply with the ISO 14001:2015 first by JIA.


The International Standard (IS) of drastically revised ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) was published in September 15, 2015. This standard is used by many companies and organizations worldwide as a management system to reduce the impact on the environment as well as a way to help increase their business. It is like a symbol of environmental friendly organizations and enterprises. Osato International, Inc. took this occasion of the revision of ISO 14001 tried to obtain ISO14001:2015 from the ground up, and got the first registration by JIA on October 28.

On November 2, Mr. Aoki from JIA-QA Center visited us to give the very first certificate of registration of ISO14001:2005 to Mr. Yuki Hayashi, president of Osato International, Inc. and the ceremony was held at yma hall of Osato Research Institute.


After the ceremony, speech was made by Mr. Hayashi: From the view point of the social :

In order to run a healthy business considering recent society conditions, just waiting for the instructions from the top management won't cope with the complicated problems but it can be covered by the employees pointing out risks from the bottom. Why we could gain the certificate of the revised ISO 14001: 2015 is because our philosophy and the idea for ISO had matched well, we think. We work as a professional craftsman with morality, despite our social rank or educational background, and this is the result of the fact we had been honest and serious to every issue.

Opening remarks at the Awarding
We felt tense at the moment we
received the ISO 14001:2015 certificate.
Mr. Hayashi's speech after the Awarding Ceremony
Mr. Aoki mentions about our growth
and expectations
Relaxing Tea Time after the ceremony
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