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1-3 SEPTEMBER 2017



A world-class automotive celebration "Concours of Elegance" took place at Hampton Court Palace in UK from 1st to 3rd of September 2017.

A special tour called 'Tour of Wessex Rally" preceded it from 29th to 31st of August for three days and Immun'Âge was its official sponsor.

The only exclusive entrants of "Concours of Elegance" were invited to event. On August 29, it started with an Afternoon Tea Party on at Lainston House Hotel in the ancient town of Winchester. At night, a dinner party was held with a family atmosphere, graced with the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent. Towards the end of the dinner party, Mr. Yuki Hayashi, president of Osato Research Institute, had an opportunity to talk about some of the potential benefits of FPP (Fermented Papaya Preparation) including prevention of jet lag, recovery from oxidative stress during endurance races as well as a result of an ongoing research on prevention of cognitive diseases. He also explained that Immun'Âge was invited as official sponsor of "Tour of Wessex" because it could help people to enjoy a long and healthy driving life. Immun'Âge was handed to all the guests and attracted interests of the guests.


Rally cars in front of the Lainston House Hotel
The front is car number 1, 1933 Aston Martin Le Mans

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_7.jpgImmun'Âge big poster,
welcoming the guests at the hotel entrance

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_8.jpgTogether with Sponsor member

On August 30, it was cloudy and a good day for a Rally, although the weather forecast was a stormy weather. The cars started one by one every one minute at a flag sign from Mrs. Toshiko Hayashi.

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_5.jpgDuring the rally, the car was taken good care
of by Robert, President of Ecurie Bertelli Ltd.,
which made me feel so secured.
20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_6.jpgTeam Immun'Âge participated in the rally
in the uniform of Aston Martin Racing

The participants of the rally are all classic car enthusiasts and collector of vintage automobiles from U.S., Australia, U.K. and Europe. They transported their own cars by air for this 500km-Rally in the UK country roads for two days. Their vintage cars are all irreplaceably precious, but they enjoyed the rally at good speed with a road book.

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_11.jpgHistorically precious cars in the Rally
including 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT ZAGATO

It is great to drive the pre-war Aston Martin
on British country roads.

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_13.jpgThe car in front was driven by a couple from Australia.
This 1922 Bentley 3 Litre Le Mans Tourer is
the first ever Bentley to race at Le Mans.

Prince Michael of Kent participated in the Rally in his pre-war Bentley. He was wearing Aston Martin Jacket with consideration for us since he knew that Immun'Âge had been having a long good relationship with Aston Martin. We could never be thankful enough for his thoughtfulness.

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_9.jpgDrivers' briefing in the morning
with attendance of Prince Michael of Kent
20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_10.jpgPrince Michael of Kent looks so great with
Pre-war Bentley of his choice

ORI president, Mr. Hayashi participated in the rally in 1933 Aston Martin Le Mans Be Spoke,
playing a substantial role in the Car No.1.

1933 Aston Martin Le Mans  Immun'Âge

The rally finished at the Brooklands motor circuit. Each car was delivered to the Hampton Court Place and nicely cleaned and taken care of to participate in Concours of Elegance on the following day.

On September 1st, it was a beautiful British morning under clear blue sky. All the owners of the Coucours cars got together at the Golf Course of Hampton Court Palace to participate in the Grand Arrival Parade. All the Concours cars were driven by the owner and his wife in the parade to their allotted parking spot after receiving welcome from Prince Michael of Kent at the stage. After the parade, we enjoyed chatting and viewing the cars as well as one of the UK's most exclusive garden parties in a glorious setting. On September 2nd, in the celebration dinner at the Great Hall of Hampton Court Palace, the owner of the Best Show winner was presented, which was 1933/35 LANCIA ASTURA AERODINAMICA CASTAGNA COUPE this year.

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_14.jpgHampton Court Palace 20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_15.jpgHistorically precious cars in line under blue sky
20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_16.jpgDressed a bit smartly in the Concours 20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_17.jpgA hat is a must for a lady in UK.
20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_18.jpgLunch at the garden of Hampton Court Palace
Sitting next to the Chairman of PEBBLE BEACH Concours D'Elegance

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_19.jpgWith wife of the owner of winner car
1933/35 Lancia

At the end of the Concours, a dinner party was held at the majestic Great Hall with 300 invited guests. My wife and I had a great honor to share a table with Prince Michael of Kent with kind consideration of the organizer. It was such a profound and unforgettable memories of England.

20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_20.jpgChampagne reception before dinner party 20170901_ConcoursOfElegance_21.jpg

A couple from the US east coast
They are both doctors.


The Great Hall
It was like a one scene of a film.


I have no words to express this moment.
It was a great honor for me.

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