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Collaboration with Prince Snow Resort in Shiga Kogen


We enhance collaboration with East Wing Shiga-Kogen Prince Hotel this season. Sports-themed Immun'Age promotional Flyer is put in each guest room, and hotel guests can buy Immn'Age at the front desk.

20170112_Prince_1_flier.jpg 20170112_Prince_2_flier.jpg

Sports-themed Immun'Age Promotional Flyer

20170112_Prince_3.JPGFront desk of East Wing Shiga-Kogen Prince Hotel
20170112_Prince_4.JPGPisten Bully at Yakebitaiyama Ski area
20170112_Prince_5.jpg 20170112_Prince_6.jpg
Map of Prince Hotel Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort

Shiga-Kogen Prince Hotel is situated right next to Yakebitai-yama Ski area, which is a historically important ski place. Ski patrol members take Immun' Âge and Immun' Âge logo can be seen on Pisten Bully and the back cover of the Ski Resort Map.

Immun'Âge supports Akane Atomura, who aims at participating in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea. Ski cross is one of freestyle ski competition and called "Obstacle race on snow". The events are held in the mountains at an altitude above 2000 meters overseas. So it is quite normal for her to feel bad, short of breath, or tired (of course suffering from jet lag), when she arrives at the event place. She also said that she usually feels exhausted even after skiing down just once during the race or practice. However, she got surprised that such bad feelings ceased after she took FPP.

If you go to Mt. Yakebitai / Shiga-kogen Ski Resort, please find Immun'Âge!

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