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Adam Raga is one of top riders and already a legendary name in the Trial's world. It's a very popular motorcycle sport in Europe, especially in U.K. and Spain and takes place on a steep hill with complex courses. The way to win is to keep your feet off the ground and make it to the goal. There is a world championship as well as national team "world cup" called Trial des Nations. At the age of 34, he has already achieved about 40 titles, both indoor and outdoor trials.

20170131_AdamRaga_1.jpgIn 2016, Spanish legendary rider Adam Raga started a new challenge with TRS Motorcycles UK, having signed a 3 year contract to ride for them.

Adam Raga received an interview and talked about his consideration in the area of diet and nutrition as a top athlete. He mentioned that Immun'Âge is a supplement which helps him to maintain his health.

You can read the interview here:

How did you start a trial?

I got my first bike at the age of two years and ten months, but it was much earlier that my father had taught me how to ride a bike.

How many titles have you won?
I have won 6 world titles plus 7 national titles in the maximum categories.


What skills do you think necessary to be an elite athlete?
Without doubt you have to have innate skills for the practice of your sport, but you also have to be a fighter and insistent to achieve your goals.

How many hours do you train yourself during the week?
I train myself about 3 to 4 hours on bike plus 2 hours of physical training every day.

Do you do any other sport to strengthen your muscles or gain maximum flexibility?
I like all sports, but the most practical sport is cycling and mountain bike. I think changing sports is a good complement.

We all have to take care of our organisms, consequently, and our diet. What is your diet like as an elite athlete?
My diet is complete based on fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, meat and fish. I don't take dairy products. I control the intake of carbohydrates according to the training and try to minimize the gluten.

We know that sport with great intensity involves oxidative stress due to the large amount of oxygen we consume when doing exercise. Are antioxidants a fundamental element in your diet? How and how often do you take them?
In practicing sports increased amount of free radical is produced due to increase of oxygen consumption. Excessive Free radical can be harmful. In athletes these damage will manifest in skin, hair and in a general premature aging. To counteract the effect of the free radicals, I take a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes. I have a big breakfast and a light supper. In addition, I also take antioxidants one hour before the exercise, either in the form of supplement, vegetable protein, or powder juice extracted from vegetables or fruits.

Premature aging is basically caused by oxidative stress in our cells. It is a direct consequence of the intensity in the sport. What supplements do you take?
My principal ally is Immun'Âge, packets of fermented papaya which has a lot of clinical data. Immun'Âge is one of my top supplements, both in the training and after a competition, since it helps me maintain health.

In addition, I also take Salengei's "Active-Foods" in powder. What I use most are vegetable proteins of pea and rice, which is perfect in the sport practice. When an athlete wants to strengthen the muscle and reduce the body fat, he or she would reduce carbohydrate intake and increase the protein consumption. However, if you take too much animal protein from meats and eggs, there is a major risk of suffering from health problems related to the high level of cholesterol and triglycerides.
The collagen is also a part of my daily dietary supplements. After checking many products rich in collagen, I keep the formula of "Procollagen Matrix". It's a fish collagen rich in vitamins and other amino acids which keep my bones and joints in good condition. Other my preference is Salengei's new product made with pea protein, collagen and red fruits. In order to take care of my brain function, such as concentration and mental clarity, I take Salengei's "Active More Dha", as well.


Do you take these supplements because one day you thought that you could go well with them or did you do some analysis to know what suits you most?
According to the recommendation of the specialists, I did the general analysis and the test that detects 200 food intolerances. From the results of the analysis, I was recommended these supplements.

You look much younger than your biological age. What do you think is the secret?
I think that a healthy life, sport and being in the mountain all the time help better conservation and quality of life. For an athlete like me, it is also important to take into consideration the food supplements for the amount of exercise I do and to maintain QOL. It is also primary to feel the sense of achievement from what you are doing. I enjoy my work a lot, and this must be reflected in my face and body.

How does the alimentation help you when it comes to keeping you in shape?
I think that it is very important to complement a balanced diet with supplements that help you for recovery from physical fatigue. Like I just commented, the proteins are the pillar of my daily diet. They are indispensable since they are 100% natural and from vegetable and ecological origin. I would like to ensure maximum quality for everything I take internally. My source of carbohydrates comes from whole grains, fruit and vegetables and the fats I get is olive oil, avocado oil, oil from blue fish and dry fruits. One of my favorite supplements I take habitually from the Active Foods Series is "Cacao in Powder". It is of 100% pure cocoa, without sugars or sweetener, which contains in natural form a high percentage of magnesium and flavonol, two substances that help me day to day to be more in shape.

What is the hardest physically in your life as an athlete?
The injuries are the most difficult. Each time it takes more days to recover from falls and hits. So it is important to have a good bone and muscle structure, and this is only achieved with a conscious training and a good diet. It is true that with age the body becomes more vulnerable, we must learn to listen to our body and to give it what it needs to work hard, but without forcing it. I hope to maintain this pace of elite athlete for more years, I know that it is not an easy task, but with awareness, dedication, good nutrition and support of quality nutritional supplements, I am much closer to achieve this.

In my opinion, you look very well and your appearance is the one of a person much younger than 34 years old. Thanks Adam for your time!


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