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Immun'Âge® Becoming Carbon Neutral


On April 10, 2023, Osato International Inc. became carbon neutral by introducing renewable energy, Green Electricity, through promoting to reduce CO2 emissions of manufacturing process of ImmunʼÂge®. We will continue to aim for pursuing a carbon-positive by further reduction of environmental impact.


Immun'Âge® × Green Electricity

■Immun'Âge® : Being an Environmentally Friendly Product

ImmunʼÂge® has been promoting to reduce environmental impact of the manufacturing process and become carbon neutral through planting to compensate for CO2 emissions.

As part of this, Immun'Âge® has been certified with ISO14001 specifying the requirements for an environmental management system to enhance environmental performance since 2002. We have created and maintained habitat for fireflies, Protecting Jewels of Night Project, by managing a stream running beside our company since 2009. Moreover, we give lectures for primary schools on environmental conservation around our neighborhood through protecting fireflies.

The ORI WINE PROJECT started in 2012 and we have re-cultivated abandoned farmlands due to aging of farmers as vineyards; local seniors would join together to stay physically and mentally healthy. The go-green project plays an important role both in active life for elders and absorbing CO2 emissions.

Osato Laboratory Inc., responsible for the production of Immun'Âge®, introduced solar power generation in 2014 and achieved carbon neutrality in three years; in April 2023, Osato International Inc. became carbon neutral by introducing Green Electricity that comes from 100% renewable sources (e.g., hydroelectric power). The environmental impact of production process has now achieved to zero!


Fireflies Friendly Grass Management
ORI WINE PROJECT 2022 / Harvest of Grapes

■Immun'Âge® : Aiming to Become Carbon Positive

Papaya, rich in nutrients and health benefits, attracts a great interest to scientists. Various traditional fermented food including miso, soy sauce, and natto have been taken on a daily basis since ancient times and well known as the secret to longevity in Japan. Immun'Âge®︎ was made from the combination of two blessings from the nature.

Immun'Âge®, from the nature-rich town of Ono in Gifu Prefecture, has been working to build a society that can continue to benefit from nature by harmonizing corporate activities with environmental conservation activities to the worlds. Immun'Âge®, made with the blessings of the nature, will continue to cope with the local through planting and other environmental conservation activities for pursuing carbon positive by further reduction of environmental impact.


Osato Laboratory Inc.
Manufacturing Factory of Immun'Âge®


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