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First attempt at 24-hour race of Silverstone by Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer


BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_1.jpg
AstonMartin Vantage GT4 Team

BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_2.jpg
About one hour before the start of the race,
the atmosphere getting a little more tense.

BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_3.jpg
Andy looks like having a private meeting with the director, doesn't he?

During the April 24-26, 2015, the Britcar DUNLOP 24 hour race was held at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK.

Aston Martin, with its 100-year-old history, has been involved with racing and the previous CEOs, have driven racecars in 24-hour endurance races to demonstrate the performance and durability of their cars. Dr. Andy Palmer, who has been Aston CEO since October 2014, made his first attempt of 24-hour race with V8 Vantage GT4 with three teammates: Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman, British motoring journalist Andrew Frankel and the only girl in the team, professional female racer Alice Powell. The drivers were all British.

On April 25, the race started at 4:00 PM. Alice drive the first stint and kept within 10th place and was followed by Andrew, Marek and Andy. All of them, except Alice, had never experienced night wet circuit before, but they all dealt with their tasks very well. At four hours before the end of the race, the team director Graham decided to let Alice drive a double stint and she caught up to 5th place overall, then the last driver was Andy.

Andy succeeded to maintain the position and passed the checker flag on 5th position over all at 4:00PM on April 26.

In this race, all the drivers as well as mechanics took Immun' Âge under instructions of the Aston Martin Racing Health Advisor. They all completed their mission without losing concentration regardless of their age.

The female professional driver Alice Powell has been supported by ORI scholarship since she was a high school girl and became the first female to win a Formula Renault championship. This is her first 24-hour endurance race, but she did very good job giving advices to her teammates to relax them. It was a wonderful stage for her to show her talent to so many people.

Anyway, three amateur drivers including Andy and Vantage GT4 also showed such a great performance!

BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_4.jpg
April is the lambing season in England involving.
Mother sheep and cute little lambs.
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_5.jpg
Such a beautiful scene continuing throughout green hills.
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_6.jpg
England is at its most beautiful in the blossom season.
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_7.jpg
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_8.jpg BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_9.jpg
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_10.jpg BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_11.jpg
Alice has become feminine, and also dependable. "Ready to go".
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_12.jpg
Relaxing time with CEO Andy and
Design Director Marek on the day before the race
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_13.jpg
From the right, Alice, Motor Journalist
Andrew; they are all nice guys and a lady.
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_14.jpg
Immun' Âge with Team Director Graham
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_15.jpg
Like a car needing gasoline to drive,
humanbeings need food to fight.
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_16.jpg BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_17.jpg
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_18.jpg
This amazing drawing of GT4 was done during the 24-hour race at a simple atelier next to the pit.
BritcarDUNLOP 24HR_2015_19.jpg
Four drivers, congratulating on each other for their 5th position overall in the Bitcar DUNLOP 24hr race
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