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We had a good weather for Le Mans this year, but the temperature was fairly high. It went up to 30℃ in the daytime. The lawn was brown here and there and when wind blew sand dusts were heavy. People wanted to have rain but it didn't look like rain at all. My youngest daughter and I just remembered the fierce battle between Aston Martin DBR9 and Corvette in sweltering conditions at Le Mans 2005.

The intense heat just made me think that it might be tough for a Hybrid car, so it would be a race for the V8 Engine.

On June 16, the day before the race day, "Rolex President Cup" sponsored by AOC took place on the famous golf course of Le Mans Golf Club located within the circuit. The club house is at the corner of Mulsanne, and the golf course is just by the side of the circuit. The team Immun'Age was also invited to play in this President Cup again. Finishing 2nd last year, we were able to achieved a long-waited victory this year.

On June 17, the race started in the heat of the early summer sun. Rain was not expected at all and it started quietly without any accident.

In the GTE Pro Class, Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, Porsche and Aston took the lead by turns at some point in the exciting battle. Aston Martin #95 was having a good race as the 2016 WEC GT driver's title holder and leading at the 20-hour mark. Aston Martin #97 driven by Darren Turner, who has been challenging Le Mans with FPP(Immun' Âge) since 2005, had a tire puncture which cost him some extra time in the beginning, but eventually moved up to 3rd. It was a splendid race so far for Aston Martin Racing. However, Le Mans is never predictable. It was unbelievable that #95 could not turn a corner and got damaged at a few hours before finishing the race. It made a pit stop for repair, but there was no chance of podium any more. We placed our hope in #97 for the rest of the race.

The track temperature was near 40℃ and the stint was handed to from Darren, Serra to the last driver Adam.

Aston was only several seconds behind the class-leading Corvette, and they made their final pit stop at the same time at 23h15m. After Corvette emerged from the pit only 0.5 seconds over Aston, Adam showed a heated battle with Corvette Magnussen. Aston was faster at corners, and Corvette was powerful along straight. Although their distance became closer or further by turns, cool-headed Adam did not overlook Magnussen's mistake and snatched the lead at 23h57m to ensure the victory. We were very happy to be able to witness all the three class-victories of Aston Martin Racing at Le Mans, in 2007, 2008 and 2017.

Going slightly off topic, on the day before the Nürburgring 24-Hour race held from 27 to 28 May, my wife twisted ankle and broke her leg at the circuit. She recovered at a marvelous speed by taking FPP and using it as a poultice for pain control. In the end she was able to join the moment of victory at the Nürburgring 24-Hour race. "Break a leg" is an idiom in theatre such as Broadway used to wish a performer "good luck". I just thought my wife might have played a role in the victory of "Rolex President Cup" as well as the victory of Le Mans, by "breaking her leg" in reality.

20170616_LeMans_golf_1.jpg 20170616_LeMans_golf_2.jpg
Le Mans Golf Club
right next to the Mulsanne corner of the circuit

20170616_LeMans_golf_3.jpgin front of Le Mans Golf Club
from left, Julian (Pro-Golfer) , Bernard
(President of Immun' Âge France)

20170616_LeMans_golf_4.jpgDr. Philippe, a member of Le Mans Golf
Club, in center

20170616_LeMans_golf_5.jpgThe course is right next to the circuit. 20170616_LeMans_golf_6.jpgThe sign of ROLEX goes well with
greenery of the course.
20170616_LeMans_golf_7.jpgWith Jacgues Laffite,
legendary former F1 racing driver
20170616_LeMans_golf_8.jpgTeam Immun' Âge members
winning Rolex President Cup 2017
at Le Mans

20170618_LeMans_1.jpg2017Aston Martin VIP Hospitality tent
displaying AMR cars

20170618_LeMans_2.jpgAMR Vantage Pro in front
and Rapide AMR behind
20170618_LeMans_3.jpgDriver's shirt is brilliant yellow this year.

20170618_LeMans_4.jpgRelaxing moment in the morning of the
race day

20170618_LeMans_5.jpgDarren is also shooting a movie of #97. 20170618_LeMans_6.jpg
So many parts at the back of the pit
Dunlop is a good match for Aston.
morning tea at drivers' tent

20170618_LeMans_8_2.jpgwith staff of Aston Martin Works,
who displayed DB5 at Le Mans.

20170618_LeMans_9.jpgwith Mr. David Richard and his wife
20170618_LeMans_10.jpgwith driver in good mood before the race 20170618_LeMans_11.jpgin front of the pit of car #97
20170618_LeMans_12.jpgAnyway, the weather is goooood! 20170618_LeMans_13.jpgCommemorative photo session on grid
20170618_LeMans_14.jpgReunion with David King
after N24 on May 28
20170618_LeMans_15.jpgThe race started at 3:00 PM on June 17.
20170618_LeMans_16.jpgPit crew working at midnight 20170618_LeMans_17.jpgFuel stop of Aston Martin GTE Am #98
20170618_LeMans_18.jpgBack entrance of the pit 20170618_LeMans_19.jpgTeam mechanics taking a nap
on the morning of June 18
20170618_LeMans_20.jpg#95 is also nearing the end of the race. 20170618_LeMans_21.jpgWith Dr. Pierre Mantello and
Immun' Âge Web master Mr. Florent

Bilstein has been always with me.

Taking a break at the lounge above the
pit towards the end of the race

The first Le Mans experience was 13 years ago in 2005.

A photo of 2017 version, in exactly the
same location

Last fuel stop of #97
"Go for it."

Darren's stint at Le Mans is over.
Anyway, Le Mans is like South France.

Only 46 minutes 44 seconds to go.
The gap between Corvette and Aston
was 0.858 seconds!

There was only 36 min. 48 sec. left.
They were still fighting so closely.
Everybody was focusing on the monitor.

There was only 5 minutes left.
Dramatic ending would start soon.

"We did it!"


I couldn't take the memory shot of the goal,
because of everybody's shouts and cries for joy.

Victory after 10 years of waiting
Tears in everybody's eyes

Simmon looks so happy, too.
Waiting for a long time,
Bilstein looks so delighted.

First Le Mans Victory for
AMR New President David King

Immun' Âge

With Aston Martin Lagonda members
Thank you, Victor.
Congratulations, Katie
Happy Ladies
20170618_LeMans_41.jpgToday's driving force, Adam
All members of Aston team were
watching the award ceremony together.
Well, it's still so hot.
Congratulations, Darren、Adam、Serra

Paul had a quite smile on his face with
the trophy in his hand.
Finally Le Mans was over.

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