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The 24 Hours of Le Mans, From June 18 to 19, 2016


The GTE Class of Le Mans this year received great attention with the most competitive 5 manufacturers' entries; Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette and Ford which came back to Le Mans on the 50th anniversary of their win in 1966.

Aston Martin Racing had two GTE pro entries and two GTE-Am.
The race was conducted under a safety car during the first 1 hour or so due to heavy rain and nobody could guess what would happen.
For 23 hours and 55minutes, this year's race belonged to TOYOTA car #6 until they stopped with a powertrain trouble at the last moment. We all thought we could witness a long-waited Le Mans over all victory of Japanese car, Porsche claimed their championship in the end.

Both two GTE-Pro entries of Aston Martin Racing finished the race. They kept the leading position of the FIA WEC GT Manufacture's Title.

Every year "ROLEX President Cup", a golf tournament sponsored by ROLEX, takes place for their special guests on the famous golf course of Le Mans Golf Club located within the circuit on the day before the race. The team Immun'Age was invited to play in this President Cup again this year and was able to finish 2nd wonderfully.

Le Mans 24h Race

2 hours before the race, the car is ready

LeMans_2016_02.jpgOn the starting grid, with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer 

LeMans_2016_03.jpgAston Martin Vice President Simon Sproule,
wearing the team-wear with Immun' Âge logo

Photo with Car Number 97 and crew members of Aston Martin GTE
Owner of Team Young Driver, Jan and his wife She always dresses herself up with a custom-designed Aston Martin Racing dress.
Only a minute before starting, their hearts beating faster and faster in the pit

LeMans_2016_07.jpgFPP (Immun' Âge) welcomes their guests at the reception of the Aston Martin VIP tent. Thanks to FPP, all guests could also survive the 24 hour race.

Le Mans Golf Club
ROLEX President Cup

LeMansGolf_2016_01.jpgLe Mans Golf Club
ROLEX President Cup
ROLEX President Cup at Le Mans Golf Club
The ACO Chairman and the President of ROLEX joined the Award Ceremony

LeMansGolf_2016_02.jpgThe tournament rules were explained in the morning.

LeMansGolf_2016_03.jpgPhoto with the Immun' Âge France Director Bernard with Audi Race Control decorating the golf course behind

LeMansGolf_2016_04.jpgPreview of the golf course by a helicopter taking off from the circuit

LeMansGolf_2016_05.jpgViewing the golf course from high up in the sky, "Stunning" was the word for it

LeMansGolf_2016_06.jpgOverlooking the golf course of Le Mans,
it looks like a pine forest in Bordeaux. Surprisingly,
the course seems to have quite many ups and downs.

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