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24 Hours of Le Mans(2015)


This year, we have already participated in two 24 hours race with Aston Martin, one was in April in Silverstone and the other was in May at Nürburgring, and the third and the last race for my wife and myself in 2015 was held at Circuit de la Sarthe in France on 13th -14th of June. 

Every year ACO « Automobile Club de l'Ouest » , the organizer of Le Mans 24 Hours and ROLEX, hold a golf tournament called "President Cup" on the day before the race for VIP guests or Journalists. In this President Cup, one professional player and 3 amateur players make a team compete at the Country Club of Le Mans in the circuit. The team Immun'Âge has been invited to play there since three years ago. Last Year, we finished in the second place and this year we achieved a victory.

The professional golf player in our team has been Julian, who is a principle of the Golf school in Avignon, France. In his school, there is a menu of Immun' Âge, contributing health maintenance and improvement of golf performance for many senior students.

ACO. Rolex Le Mans President Cup Golf

Yuki and Philippe, president of Rolex France
Winner President Cup by Rolex.
Immun' Âge Team
The Immun' Âge Team enjoyed
the 24hour race after the golf
tournament, including
Professional golfer, Julian.

This year, there was a parade run of Aston Martin Racing just before the start of the main endurance event. It was more like a serious 45-minute race with driver changes.  About 40 Aston Cars from Europe, USA and Japan participated in this event in LMP-1、GT1、GT3、GT4 class altogether. ORI director, Dr. Pierre Mantello in Immun' Âge GT4、Aston CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer from Aston Martin Lagonda Vantage12、and Design Director, Marek in GT4 also joined the race. They all had Immun' Âge logo in their cars and we enjoyed the luxurious Aston World.

Aston Martin Parade

with Pierre and Oliver, drivers of Immun' Âge GT4

Second time to see Andy in 24 hour race

Marek's GT4 for Aston Martin Parade

Safety Car of the Parade run,  
one-77 and one-77 shoes

Just a bit of business talk with CEO Andy
Aston Martin LMP-1 Lola, full of fond memories
Aston Martin Parade is about to start.
CEO Andy, getting ready to get in Vantage12

After heavy rain on the day before, it became perfectly sunny on the day of the 24 hour race. In only its second year back at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Porsche won the victory in a top category of LMP1-H, with course record of 3'16''887 in qualifying race. Anyway, its advance in technology was so incredible. The engine of Porsche is only a 2.0-liter direct injection, turbocharged, gasoline-powered V4 mated to a hybrid electric drive system, but it completes 24 hours at an average of nearly 230km an hour.

In GTE class, where Aston Martin V8 also entered, Corvette C7.R achieved a class victory. Their latest model looked really cool and I was happy to see the comeback of corvette, who used to be a good rival of Aston Martin.

Speaking of Aston Martin, this year was not for them in both pro and amateur classes. I am looking forward to their success in next season as well as success of new CEO Andy Palmer.

Le Mans 24 Race

The #97 Aston, which Darren Turner shares with other two drivers, is the work of German artist Tobias Rehberger.  
Such a flickering design!

Many body parts and 
wireless applications
French President Francois Hollande also visited the circuit.
A lot of auto race fans come to
Le Mans from all over Europe,
and they camp out near the circuit. 
At the end of Le Mans 2015, 
With Aston Martin Racing, David Richard
We had a dinner at the restaurant
in the city of Le Mans after the race.
The winner of this year, Porsche team
also enjoyed their dinner here.
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