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Aston Martin Racing takes a double podium at Silverstone


Aston Martin Racing has taken a double podium finish at 6 Hours of Silverstone on April 15-17, FIA WEC season opener.


Osato Research Institute has been supporting Aston Martin Racing as their Official Partner since 2005 by providing FPP with drivers and pit crews for their health maintenance.

At 6 hours of Silverstone, the new machine #95 driven by Darren Turner, Nicki Thiim and Marco Sorensen had a great start with the 3rd place in GTE Pro. The #98 also kicked off their season with a strong finish with second in GTE Am.

20160415_AMR_1.jpg 20160415_AMR_2.jpg

This year it was still cold in U.K. even in mid-April.
Saturday morning, the qualifying session
was cancelled due to snow.
However, the blue sky was beautiful.

20160415_AMR_3.jpg 20160415_AMR_4.jpg
Quiet moment while preparing for the race
20160415_AMR_5.jpg 20160415_AMR_6.jpg

Drivers' autogragh session
Darren and Pedro always welcome us with smile.


In 2016, Aston's emblem will change
color in each race.
This is the coloring for the first round
at Silverstone.

20160415_AMR_8.jpg 20160415_AMR_9.jpg
The band was playing the bagpipes during the grid walk.
20160415_AMR_10.jpg 20160415_AMR_11.jpg 20160415_AMR_12.jpg
30 minutes before the start, the tension was getting high.

Tea time at the drivers' tent

Dunlop is Aston's official tyre supplier and partner this year. The yellow logo is shining on the tyre.
20160415_AMR_15.jpg 20160415_AMR_16.jpg

1 hour to go before the race finish, driver was Nicki.
Jan was sending Nicki a Birthday Message


15 minutes before the goal,
everybody was focusing on the TV screen in the pit.

20160415_AMR_18.jpg 20160415_AMR_19.jpg
Goal! The team principal John also looked satisfied.
After the race, we enjoyed the moment
in London before going back to Japan.

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